Binx Gentlemen adventurer extraordinaire, many tales are told about where he comes from (mostly by himself)

It is said that binx was born to a fabulously wealthy spire family in Felden but tragedy struck all too soon before binx could walk his family found himself on the streets destitute and desperate, it was then that his family sold poor Binx to a nefarious necromancer, or maybe it was a wizened cleric, though it could have been a master assassin, some reports even say it was the last of a great warrior dynasty. It was then that he was trained from toddler to be the master of combat, or was it a powerful mage, possibly a master thief it gets a little confused, but with his dying breathe his master imparted him with a quest and a sword of great value, or a book of great magics, possibly a magic harp. but wait that’s all rubbish!

Binx actually came from the gutters not knowing his mother or father having been raised by a poor nun of The God. No it was a three fingered gambler. Sorry obviously it was a mighty minotaur who had retired from adventuring, and they had raised binx to face the world with the skills they had learned…. but that’s not right either.

They say Binx walked out of towers shadow fully grown and as mad as a feral guttersnipe hungry for bounties and fame. Or he fell screaming from over the Felden Domes edge and had broken nearly every bone in his body but somehow he managed to survive gaining great notoriety as a poet will his crippled but slowly healed…. no! that doesn’t make any sense at all!!!

What is known of Binx for certain is he comes from Felden. He stands tall roughly described as a slight bit over 2 meters usually as thin as a rail scraggly red hair and usually a red goatee. He has a penchant for unpredictable behavior and a passion for at times random vices.



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